Sunday, January 23, 2011

Silent Nature at Olin Hall Roanoke College

January 21 - February 20

Silent Nature visually explores the edge where man and nature meet.
Through simplicity of form and within quiet beauty may we realize that we are nature.

The Pearl Gate
This sculpture created by siblings Kurt Steger and Char Norman is a collaboration
creating a passage symbolic of personal and spiritual transformation.
The piece represents many gestures, some intentional some by happenstance.
The sculpture is symbolic of a bridge transitioning from one world to another,
representative of a book of five chapters written by the physical interaction of each
person who passes through, and at the same time an experience of the
death process traveling through the tunnel into the light.

On another level the work is a “Buddha Wash” of 108 sheets of handmade paper,
 a number most auspicious in many eastern religions,
including the Buddhist belief of the 108 obstacles to enlightenment.
Most relevant to the artists is the personal experience and whatever one chooses to make of it.

 Kurt Ernest Steger and Char Norman

The Burden Boat Project

The burden boat project is an invitation for individuals who choose
to release a burden from their life.

We often hold in our minds, bodies and spirit, resentments, worries, fear, anger and
shame. These feelings and emotions may not be relevant or true nor have purpose.

If you have such a burden and are ready to let it go, write it down on a piece of paper,
visualize your life without such a weight and leave that burden behind
by placing it in the boat.

You have energetically in this moment let it go.

On February 20th at 3:00 p.m. a ritual of liberation by fire will be held
in the Olin Hall Courtyard. This will be where all the burdens gathered
will ceremoniously be released together, letting the collective energy
that we all carry in these burdens to be left as nothing
more then smoke and ash.

Suspended Journey



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