Sunday, January 30, 2011

Roanoke Regional Writers Conference

Hollins University
January 28 & 29
Below is a list of the great classes I attended during the Conference

1. Stephanie Klein-Davis, Roanoke Times photographer "Editing Your Own Photographs"

2. Doug Cumming, associate professor of journalism at W & L University, author 2 recent books, The Southern Press and Bylines  "Structuring Your (Nonfiction) Storytelling"

3. Anne Clelland, owner of Handshake 2.0 "How Much Shall We Share on Our Blogs?"

4. Dan Casey, Roanoke Times columnist "Telling Stories You Know"

5. Jeanne Larsen, Hollins University professor, novelist, essayist, poet; books include Silk Road, Bronze Mirror, Manchu Palaces, and her most recent book, Why We Make Gardens (& Other Poems) "Tell It Like It Isn't: the Fine Art of Fiction & Other Lies"

6. Cara Ellen Modisett, former editor of Blue Ridge Country magazine, teacher, musician, student. "Lead Writing"

I Learned

No Excuse to take photos!
Go out in the rain.

Stay Curious and Inquisitive

Exceed your own expectations.

Pick a photo or postcard and write about it.

Narrow down to one person or topic.
Not the forest, but a leaf, moss, or rock.

Hand write in a journal every day.

We love to know each others story.

Make Time to Write and Do Art!

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