Sunday, July 5, 2009

Enjoying God's Artwork in Nature

Stuffed Zucchini Blooms and Fresh Cut Flowers.
Beautiful Sunflower
View from Sharp Top at Peaks of Otter on the
Blue Ridge Parkway.
Found rock on the hike up and placed it in the
window seal of house on top of Sharp Top.

Rain has created a heart in the stone
on top of Sharp Top at the Peaks of Otter.

Moss heart on a hiking trail at Douthat State Park.
This was neat the sun and shadows created a heartshape
around the heartshaped rock.
Looking at the clouds at Douthat State Park
and spotted a heart.
Always looking for hearts in nature, but on this day
hiking to the Cascades someone dropped a little sequin heart.
Cascades in Giles County Virginia


Robin said...

You now have me looking for "hearts in nature" but with no luck...but then again you have that lucky streak of finding 4 leaf clovers too!! I'll keep trying!

Kim Carroll said...

I know that you will start seeing them soon. You will be surprised when you do. It's fun because it is like a scavenger hunt in nature.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is such a rich treasure of beauty and love and art! What pleasure it has been to visit. I love the hearts in nature, the kitty with the balloons, and the stories about your very creative family.