Sunday, April 26, 2009

Open Studio Tour April 25 & 26, 2009

It was beautiful weather for Open Studio Tour.
In South Roanoke I viewed the art of Eric Fitzpatrick, Barry Wolfe,
Winn Ballenger, Nan Mohone Wellborn, and Jamie Nervo.
Eric Fitzpatrick Art Studio

Nan Mahone Wellborn

In Raleigh Court, I viewed the art of Zephren Turner, Page Turner,
Bonnie Burt, Mary Boxley Bullington, Dreama Katenbraker,
Gina Louthian-Stanley, C.J. Phillips, Steve Mitchell,
Kurt Steger, and Miki Ballengee.

Gina Louthian-Stanley
Bonnie D. Burt


Kim Hambric said...

What a fantastic event! I grew up in Roanoke & moved away in 1987. I still visit family every few months. Luckily, my last visit fit in well with the studio tour.

The area has a great artists' community. I now live in State College, PA, and I'm finding it hard to connect with other artists here. It's Yankee country here -- nobody takes anybody a pie up here.

Kim Carroll said...

We are blessed here in the Roanoke Valley with a wonderfull artist community.