Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wonderful Quote

"More than ever, it is the time to share what is good and beautiful in our lives, to reach out to one another with encouragement and support, to remind ourselves and those we connect with that no matter how tough times might be, there is always beauty and goodness to be found. "
~Staci Dumoski~
Managing Editor


Robin said...

That's an AWESOME quote!

gls said...

Kim! I love that quote. We all need encouragement for sure!

I wanted to thank you for dropping by my bolg and posting a note about my charms and pendants! Thanks so much!

I am coming to Floyd next Sunday for Empty Bowls! I hear that is a great time!

Perhaps, since we are colse, we can meet one day! I love your blog!

Kim Carroll said...


Thank you very much. My husband and I are going to try to attend the Empty Bowls this weekend. I also see that you are participating in the Open Studio Tour. I try to never miss. We will need to meet sometime soon.